Hi there! Nice to see you here. I'm David.

Let me introduce myself real quick:

My name is David and I'm a Designer who can code. I would call myself an Experience Designer. But Job Titles change, my love for fresh designs and interfaces does not! I'm 27 years old. Living in the beautiful city of Linz.

Currently I am working on my Master Thesis in Web Art & Design (Webscience) at Kunstuni Linz. Before that I got my Bachelors Degree at FH Hagenberg in Media Technology & Design.

In my Off-Time I like to work on various Projects such as Graphics or Generators for the Black Wings Linz (I work for them voluntarily) or Artworks & Motion Designs for local Bands such as Darwin. Other than that I like going to concerts, the movies and of course hockey games.

Further down you can see my past work experiences and educations as well as my CV to download.

Peace, David

Work Experiences

Product Designer

UI/UX Designer

Graphics Designer

Web Designer and Frontend Intern


Web Art & Design - Web Science

Media Technology & Design

SEO Webmaster Basics

AHS with Matura


UI/UX Design

Frontend Development

Graphics & Illustrations

Motion Design

Tools & Technologies

Adobe Creative Cloud


Vanilla JavaScript

Frameworks & Technologies

Download my CV below!