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Black Wings Linz

Since 2011 I am voluntarily working for our local ice hockey club, the EHC Liwest Black Wings Linz. I create a lot of graphics for online use as well as small animations or videos.

Social Media Graphics

My main job is to give the social media communication a better appeal by providing fresh graphics that pull the users in while they are swiping through their feed as social media is the best way to reach the large amount of followers and fans at the moment as it generates more clicks than the official website.

The following images were all created in the last few years.

Image Generator

To give my collegues the possibility to post graphics as soon as something happens in a game, I created an Image Generator with p5.js that enables them to create graphical posts themselvs by changing values like headlines or game Standings and choosing a background photo.

Further I added a connection to the hockeydata API to get the current statistics, gameplans and more as well as a "fake" API endpoint with Apify that scrapes and stores further info like the current roster from the official blackwings website.

The Interface looks like this but is changing pretty much every season depending on what my collegues need.

Motion Graphics

Mainly for Social Media I created some animations and motion graphics to promote players and events like the start of the playoffs. Here are some examples:

  • Black Wings Linz - 2011
  • Graphics & Videos for Social Media including a webbased dynamic Image Generator
  • Motion Design, Illustration, Graphics Design

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